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December 19, 2023

Welcome to my new world where “my tongue is the pen of a ready writer.” Ah, somebody probably hates that phrase already. Good, that means you have read my blog more than once. Give me time, I may tire of it too; but for now, I like it. Someone asked me ‘what did I have against books or Bibles on

the I-Pad?’. They went on to tell me how they could do the same things I could in my book or my Bible –highlight, write notes, bookmark pages. I wasn’t thrilled by that though. I know you can do those things; I have a kindle. But it’s still nice to curl up in a chair, maybe with a blanket, and something good to drink (Pepsi or sweet tea for me) or lie on the bed on a rainy day with your book in hand, and maybe your highlighters too. You read a while and then sit the book on you while you meditate what’s going on in the story or the scriptures and then get right back to it without having to “power it up.” Speaking of “having to power it up,” that same guy who was trying to convince me reading on your I-pad was so great was getting ready to share some notes he had taken on a chapter in a book our class was reading, but his pad kept freezing and he couldn’t share. And just because I like kidding around, I picked up my book and showed him my highlights and notes. Yes!! What about those of you who are reading this?

What is your reading preference – books or pads? Please don’t share “neither” because you don’t like to read. A mind is a terrible thing to waste and so is a good book. Bye for now…

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